The Problem

Imagine living in a nation within a nation. Imagine the constant dissonance between the identities and value systems of each nation—especially when they don’t agree. Imagine living in a world where you feel caught between family identity and pop culture, medicine men and medical doctors, the lessons of your elders and what the teachers at school want you to learn, and the Creator and organized religion.

Our Solution

The faculty and staff at  Indian Public School seek to prepare Native Indian young people to face the challenges found in  nation and to give students the tools and skills they will need to face the challenges that confront them. Indian Public School uses a multidisciplinary approach that nurtures the creative spirit of each student by teaching them how to express themselves through art, pottery, graphic design, photography, and music.

Our Goal

Students learn the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices and receive coaching to help them eat well and find enjoyable forms of exercise. Teachers and counselors help students understand the importance of good communication and learning to work through personal issues.